HomeKG Kids School, located in Riffa , has the highest standards in education at Pre-School level. Teaching an excellent bilingual programme using the British curriculum and a complimentary Arabic programme. With the capacity for over 100 children ranging from 6 months to 6 years, set in a fun, friendly, colourful, atmosphere.

KG Kids is a caring, professional beginning to a bilingual future, providing the first step from home in a friendly and personal environment.

Created with expertise and experience to provide clear teaching aims to it's qualified staff and hence provide it's pupils with an educational ambience of total relevance to their future. KG Kids has set precedence within early education. It holds a respected front position and is regularly consulted by other schools to share it's expertise and knowledge.

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Testimonials Being a parent is never easy and as a working mother knowing that your children are in a safe friendly environment during the day is really important. Choosing a pre-school..

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